About RC Athletico FC


logofinalRC Athletico is a young and thriving football club, who took the pitch only a few years ago but have confidently secured a place in the divisions as a team to be watched, there is only one place to move and that is up. RC Athletico has committed itself to the development of Cape Town football as well as raising the awareness of sportmanship within the community. Recent accomplishments include a place in the Cape District  LFA Premier Division, qualification for the Metropolitan Bayhill Cup and the Safa Second Division.  It is with these achievements and hard work that we look forward to a bright and lustrous future.


Club History


  • RC Civils construction workers begin playing football on-site during tea breaks. A fledgling team is formed.
  • They enter their first social league and win.


  • Motivated by the team’s success, RC Civils management form an official football club around the talented players within their employ.
  • Official club base is established in Schaapkraal, Cape Town.


  • Move to LFA (Local Football Association) affiliation.
  • 2nd Division franchise is acquired
  • 2013 - Club consists of 4 senior teams and U19, U15, U13, U11, U9, U7 age groups.
  • Moves its home base to Chukker Road Sports Complex.


  • RC Athletico u/19 qualifies for the Metropolitan Bayhill Cup. In only its first year on affiliation, this is a great achievement by the club to have a team representing at the Metropolitan Bayhill Cup.
  • Completes its first season in the National 2nd Division League.
  • Moves to the Cape District Football Association.
  • Boasts over 200 affiliated club members.

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Mission and Vision

  • Recognize the talent that exists within the community.
  • Create the Opportunity for dreams to become a reality.
  • Admire with pride their achievements.
  • To build and sustain a successful community based football club.
  • To strengthen bonds between club and community it serves.
  • To provide facilities and coaching of the highest standard to ensure that those playing and watching are proud to be part of RC Athletico FC.
  • To provide a safe and supportive community based environment that encourages skill development, fair play and teamwork.
  • To be a club that is recognized for its role in preparing young footballers both physically and mentally for senior football.
  • Believing that it takes a family and a community with respect and honor to raise a child.
  • The RC Athletico Football Club will achieve this vision in cooperation with the community and families it serves, along with our supporters and sponsors.

" To create a safe and secure environment to live and play as well as to promote the healthy growth and development of every child within the community through sports, and to provide support for families through our developmental and professional football environment. An important part of this vision is for each child to become an advocate for all children in our community and to promote and enhance the well-being of the community we serve, through respect, courteousness and sportsmanship. "

The Coach's Corner


Coach Profile

Yusuf Brown is the Head Coach at RC Athletico FC 2ND Division Franchise, his assistant coach is Zain Ryklief and Siraaj Conrad. These three have a promising future as they have so far proved to be a successfull team.

Brown is no stranger to the game, with a lustrous career as a Centre Back for Local, Provincial and National First Division sides. His coaching career began in 1998, at the age of 37, with the Spenston FC which is his home Club, Brown has since changed his colours from Blue to Red. Brown was a key figure in reviving the club which till today is a force on the Cape District Football Association.

It is Browns’ intuitive and strategic coaching which proved successful thus far for RC Athletico FC and we will be looking to Brown to take RC Athletico to new heights.

Assisting Yusuf Brown is Zain Ryklief and Siraaj Conrad and together they are catalysts for an exciting game.

It is the goal of this dynamic trio to see RC Athletico FC succeed to the Premier Soccer League within the next five years.